Friday 18 November 2016

Researcher Dr Anthony Constantinou has his identify 'stolen' in the name of convicted multi-millionaire sex molester Anthony Constantinou

Dr Anthony Constantinou is a researcher in Bayesian AI methods at Queen Mary University of London. He currently works on the ERC-funded BAYES-KNOWLEDGE project led by Prof Norman Fenton and has been a recent visitor at the Isaac Newton Institute University of Cambridge Programme Probability and Statistics in Forensic Science.

While this Anthony Constantinou is well respected within the AI research community - and has also gained a strong reputation for his work in applying Bayesian methods to football prediction - there is another much more well known Anthony Constantinou, namely the multi-millionaire son of tycoon Aristos Constantinou who was murdered at his luxury home in the Bishops Avenue London in 1985. After building up his own business empire this Anthony Constantinou - named by the media as "UK's Wolf of Wall Street" - has been in the news for all the wrong reasons: first with the fraud investigation of his CWM business and then with his trial and recent conviction for sexual assaults on a number of women who worked for him.

News reports on Anthony Constantinou

Now, incredibly, it has been discovered that social media accounts (twitter, facebook, pinterest, youtube channel and blog) in the name of the convicted Anthony Constantinou are claiming the academic and research achievements of Dr Anthony Constantinou. We have no way of knowing whether these accounts are authentic or if they were created for malicious reasons by a third party but somebody has certainly taken a lot of trouble to create this identify theft:
  • this twitter account with his photo is especially deceptive because it claims Dr Constantinou's achievements but also has articles with his views on football (Dr Constantinou publishes weekly premiership match research-driven predictions based on his pi-football website). 
  • this blogspot account called ‘anthonyisback'
  • this youtube channel -  the powerpoint videos that appear here confirm somebody has gone to significant effort to carry out the identity fraud. 
  • Facebook account
  • the 'reliable Anthony Constantinou updates' pinterest site
  • this twitter account in the name of CWM World

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  1. A Bayesian AI researcher at Queen Mary University of London is Dr. Anthony Constantinou. He is currently employed by Prof. Norman Fenton's ERC-funded BAYES-KNOWLEDGE project and has recently visited the Isaac Newton Institute's Cambridge programme on probability and statistics in forensic science.