Thursday 21 April 2016

Evangelia Kyrimi wins first prize for best poster at annual UK Meeting on Causal Inference

Evangelia Kyrimi - PhD student supervised by Dr William Marsh has won first prize for the best poster at the annual UK Meeting on Causal Inference that took place last week in London. Her poster was titled "A progressive explanation of causal inference in 'hybrid' Bayesian Networks for supporting clinical decision making" (click on link to download the full poster) .

It explains that, although many ‘causal’ models (notably in medicine) have been developed as decision tools, few of them have been used in practice and this is often due to lack of perceived trustworthiness of the model. Giving users an explanation of the model’s reasoning is crucial for effective decision support. Evangelia's research provides a coherent explanation of inference that can be applied to any causal Bayesian Network model.

The prize included some excellent books...

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